soma Design Group studios in Portland

soma Design Group is a full-featured organization providing our clients with results-oriented design and development, while maintaining a unique approach to each project so as not to grow stale or expected.

the credo: the world’s best design goes unnoticed.

as consumers, we are are trained to expect the best in design. from the pages of vogue to the yellow pages in your hometown, design is all around us.  such volume!

and as consumers, we are left with the decision of what is good design? there is, of course, no answer that could possibly encompass such a vast question.  one thing does resonate whenever we think about good design, though.  we remember good design. we remember design that makes us happy, design that makes us want to buy something, design that moves us to support something.

but this is the kicker: we never talk about it.

when we see bad design, we know it. we remember it. and we talk about it, or blog it, or tweet it, or do whatever it is we do.  but bad design gets talked about.

at soma design group, we make things and hope that nobody talks about them.